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Frequently Asked Questions

Building Code

Q: What the current building codes adopted for use in Idaho?

A: You can the adopted code here.

Q: Where can I find information regarding tiny houses, manufactures home, modular buildings, and recreations vehicles?

A: Please click here for additional information.

Q: Does the State have any amendments to the building code, residential code, or energy code?

A: Yes, please see State of Idaho.

Factory Built Structures

Q: What is the difference between a mobile home, a manufactured home, and a modular building?

A: A mobile home is a structure built prior to June 15, 1976. A manufactured home is a structure constructed after June 15, 1976, built according to the Federal Manufactured Housing and Safety Standards Act (HUD Code). A manufactured home is for residential use only. Manufactured Homes (HUD) are regulated under the preemptive construction standards established by states and local governments. For an expanded definition of a manufactured home (i.e., length, size, chassis or foundation and utility requirements), see I.C. §39-4105. A modular building is any building, other than a manufactured or mobile home, that is of closed construction and is either entirely or substantially prefabricated or assembled at a place other than the building site. Modular buildings are built for residential or commercial use and the construction is regulated by the codes adopted by the state.

Q: Who is required to apply for installation permit and/or tag for manufactured homes?

A: Either the Idaho licensed manufactured home installer or homeowner can apply for the installation permit and/or installation tag in accordance with Section 44-2202.

Q: Is a manufactured home installation permit and tag required?

A: An installation permit and installation tag (required only for new homes) is required by Idaho Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses prior to starting the installation in areas where there is not an approved local building program. All installations must be inspected and approved by the Idaho Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses or the authority having jurisdiction before the manufactured home is occupied.

Q: Who has building code jurisdiction on my modular project?

A: Modular Buildings: Buildings built in one place with the intent to move the building to another site for placement are under the jurisdiction of DOPL for the construction that is done at the place of manufacturer. Work that is done on the placement site is under jurisdiction of the city or county. Please also contact the city or county.

Plan Review

Q: What entities have to have their plans reviewed by the Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses?

A: All plans for construction or remodeling of state-owned buildings and buildings on state-owned land must be reviewed by DOPL and the State Fire Marshal. Plans for any building occupied by a State of Idaho agency, even if the building in not owned by the state, such as a leased building, must be reviewed by DOPL and the State Fire Marshal. We send the plans to the Fire Marshal for review so a single submittal is all that is required.

Q: What is the fee for plan review?

Please see the document titled Building Plan Review Fees. This and other plan review documents are located here.

Q: What are the design loads for wind, seismic, and snow?

A: Wind Loads are to be per the IBC basic wind speed of 90 mph 3 second gust. This may be higher in special regions along the Montana border. See ATC Hazards By Location for more information.

Seismic (earthquake) loads are to be as required by the IBC. For specific accelerations numbers see the USGS National Earthquake Hazards Programs.

Snow loads are to be as per IBC. See ATC Hazards By Location.

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