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Phase 1 of DOPL’s new licensing system is now online. See details here.

Please contact us with any questions via email or phone (208) 334-3233.

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Individual PDMP Account

Daily Pharmacy Dispensation Reporting Requirement Applicable to:

Monthly Practitioner Sales Reporting Requirement – Applicable to:

PMP Statewide Gateway Integration

Integration of electronic health records (EHR) and Idaho pharmacy Electronic Medical Records (EMR) management systems. Integration is not mandatory. PDMP data is always accessible through the PDMP web portal.

Additional Resources:

Opioid Prescribing Guidelines and the Use of the Idaho Prescription Drug Monitoring Database

Echo Idaho – Use of the Prescription Monitoring Program and Board of Pharmacy Metrics


For more information on Diversion or the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program email to inquire.

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NamePositionExpirationOriginal Appointment
Edmund “Ed” L. SperryPublic MemberJune 30, 2023April 24, 2012
Kristina Marie JonasChain Pharmacist Rep.June 30, 2026June 12, 2013
Justin T. MessengerHospital PharmacyJune 30, 2029August 9, 2019
Kevin EllisChain Pharmacist Rep.June 30, 2025July 31, 2020
Anna M HoenkePharmacy ManagerJune 30, 2027November 1, 2022

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