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Welcome to the Dietetic Licensure Board

Phase 1 of DOPL’s New Licensing system is now online. See details here.

Please contact us with any questions via email or phone (208) 334-3233.

Additional Board Information

Board Fees

Active/Inactive License




        LICENSE RENEWAL FEE – CURR YR          $60.00




        LICENSE RENEWAL FEE – CURR YR          $30.00



        INITIAL LICENSURE FEE      $100.00


General Fees

        DUPLICATE LICENSE FEE    $10.00

        DUPLICATE WALL CERT FEE          $25.00

        LICENSE VERIFICATION FEE          $20.00

        MAILING LIST FEE     $20.00

This service provides current data extracted by the Idaho Board Of Medicine (IBOM) from its own database. The data in this web site is provided by and controlled entirely by the IBOM and therefore constitutes a primary source verification of licensure status as authentic as a direct inquiry to the IBOM. The information provided through the verification service is all of the information pertinent and available in that field of information in the IBOM database. The data is updated daily. No responsibility is assured or implied for errors or omissions created by technical difficulties. No one shall be entitled to claim detrimental reliance thereon. For information regarding those categories not included in the database and/or concerns about transmissions errors, inconsistencies, or other data issues that may be identified from time to time, contact the IBOM.

Maintenance of registration by the Commission on Dietetic registration (CDR) or its successor organization is required for license renewal.  A copy of current registration must be submitted with renewal.




Suzanne Marguerite Linja, LD

Dietician Member

April 30, 2027

Carol Fellows Kirkpatrick, LD

Dietician Member

December 31, 2024

Kimberly Jill Young, LD

Dietician Member

December 31, 2025

Pamela Howland

Public Member

March 1, 2024

The Dietetic Licensure Board is an advisory body to the State Board of Medicine. The Dietetic Licensure Board is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Medicine concerning the qualification of applicants for licensure, as well as the issuance and revocation of licenses. They also recommend rules to be promulgated concerning dietetic practice.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Dietetic Licensure Board, please send an email of interest to

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Information Regarding Licensure of Dietitians in Idaho

The following responds to commonly asked questions. It does not detail all requirements, regulations and policies regarding Dietitian Licensure.

Q: What are the general requirements for licensure?

Q: What is Provisional Licensure?

  • The Board may issue a provisional license to a graduate dietitian who has completed/graduated from an approved educational program in dietetics, completed an approved internship or pre-professional practice program, but has not yet passed the National Registry Exam.
  • A provisional license shall authorize the practice of dietetics under the supervision of a monitor who is an Idaho licensed dietitian.
  • All provisional licenses will expire on the last day of the current renewal cycle.

Q: Can I retake the Examination?

  • An applicant who fails twice will not be eligible to re-apply; however, reexamination may be considered on an individual basis if proof of additional training is submitted.

Q: When is license renewal due?

  • Each full license shall be renewed annually before July 1 by submitting a completed request for renewal accompanied by payment of the renewal fee and attestation of current registration as a registered dietitian. Full licenses not renewed by the expiration date shall be canceled.

Board Meeting Calendar

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