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Welcome to the Idaho Elevator Program

New Licensing System for this board will go live on November 4th, 2024. See details here.

Please contact us with any questions via email or phone (208) 334-3233.

Additional Program Information

Inspector NamePhone Number
Gary Barnes, Elevator Program Manager208-332-8974
Amanda Brumbaugh, Elevator Program Supervisor208-258-4385
Tom Thompson208-606-6952
Mike Poulin208-608-3805
Gary Bordner208-512-1831
Dave Shirley986-210-3546

One Time Fee for all New and Existing Elevator/Conveyance

Application fee for initial certification for all conveyances  $50

New Elevator/Conveyance

New Installation fee schedule
Fees include: One Plan Review, the Certificate to Operate, and two Acceptance Inspections
Each inspection thereafter will incur a reinspection fee

Certification Fee:

1 Traction and Roped Hydraulic Elevator $ 1,500 
2 Moving Walk / Escalator $ 1,500
3 Hydraulic Elevator $ 1,000
4 Platform Lift / Material Lift / Dumbwaiter $750

Reinspection Fee:

1 First Hour or portion there of $100
2 Any additonal hour $100

Existing Elevator/Conveyance
In ADDITION to One Time Application Fee:
Please pay ONE Annual Certificate to Operate fee listed below. 
Fees include: Annual Certificate to Operate and Periodic Inspection (every five years):

Certification Fee: 

1 Traction and Roped Hydraulic Elevator $225
2 Moving Walk / Escalator $225
3 Hydraulic Elevator $125
4 Platform Lift / Material Lift / Dumbwaiter $100

Permit Refund Process

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