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Welcome to Certified Shorthand Reporters Board

New Licensing System will go live on July 1st 2024. See details here.

Please contact us with any questions via email or phone (208) 334-3233.

Additional Board Information

NamePositionExpirationOriginal Appointment
Darren B. SimpsonDistrict JudgeJuly 1, 2025May 23, 2012
Ryan Scott LewisAttorneyJuly 1, 2024October 23, 2018
Andrea WeckerCourt ReporterJuly 1, 2026September 29, 2020
Christina BoisvertPublic MemberJuly 1, 2025March 9, 2021
Valerie L NunemacherCourt ReporterJuly 1, 2025February 8, 2022

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Idaho Court Reporters Association

National Court Reporters Association (NCRA)

The license/registration issued to you by the Division is public proof that you are entitled to pursue certain activities regulated by Idaho Law.  If your license/registration becomes lost or destroyed, you may obtain a replacement from the Division.  A replacement may also be requested if you have changed your name or address and wish to receive a license/registration bearing the updated information.  

You may complete the Application for Duplicate License form online, print it out and sign it, and send it with the fee required by Idaho law to the Division.  Your application will not be processed unless the fee is received with the application.   A replacement card will be sent to the mailing address.

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