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Welcome to the Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

Phase 1 of DOPL’s New Licensing system is now Online. See details here.

Please contact us with any questions via email or phone (208) 334-3233.

Additional Board Information

NamePositionExpirationOriginal Appointment
Glenn K. BennettLand SurveyorMay 24, 2024June 2, 2014
Raymond J. WatkinsEngineer MemberMay 24, 2025September 3, 2015
Richard JacobsonEngineer MemberMay 24, 2024November 26, 2019
Tom RubyLand SurveyorMay 24, 2025June 1, 2020
Keith C BrooksEngineer MemberMay 24, 2026October 19, 2021
Sondra M MillerEngineer MemberMay 24, 2027August 9, 2022
Wyatt B JohnsonPublic MemberMay 24, 2027May 1, 2023

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Application Type                                                  Fee/Cost

Licensure w/o NCEES Record                                   $100

Licensure with NCEES Record                                 $80

Business Entity Authorization Cert.                        $200

Comity w/o NCEES Record                                        $150

Comity with NCEES Record                                      $125

Faculty Restricted License                                        $100

Intern Certificate                                                         No fee

Renewal Type                                                       Fee/Cost 
Engineers and Land Surveyors (Biennial)             $150

Dual License PE/PLS (Biennial)                              $300

Business Entity Authorization Cert.                      $120

Intern (Biennial)                                                        $20

Retired License                                  No Fee (must verify contact information at time of renewal)

Late Renewal Type                                              Fee/CostLate Renewal Type        Fee/Cost

Engineers and Land Surveyors                              $75 Per Month (Late fees not to exceed total of $350)

Dual License PE/PLS                                               $150 Per Month (Late fees not to exceed total of $200)

Business Entity Authorized Cert.                          $60 Per Month (Late fees not to exceed total of $380)

Intern                                                  No Fee (renewal is voluntary)

Retired License                                 No Fee (Reinstate Retired License email

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