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The Board reacts promptly to written complaints and allegations of violations of the Nursing Practice Act and the Rules of the Board. All allegations are evaluated with respect to the merits of the individual case and the actual or potential harm to the public. Complaints are addressed on a priority basis, dealing first and most aggressively with those presenting the greatest risk to the public safety.

Investigating every minor incident does not necessarily ensure protection of the public. The Board recognizes that existing mechanisms within the employment setting may appropriately address many deficits in practice or behavior without direct Board involvement.

The Board’s responses to substantiated violations of the Nursing Practice Act and the Rules of the Board fall within a continuum of disciplinary action that ranges from informal to formal, from moderate to extreme. Remedial measures or informal corrective actions are considered when appropriate and where protection of the public is not compromised. The Board considers suspension or revocation when there is evidence that there is real or potential risk to the public or when remediation, informal monitoring and/or practice limitation would serve no purpose or might compromise public protection.

Nurses who acknowledge that their practice is or may be impaired, as a result of chemical dependence or mental illness and who are actively engaged in recognized recovery methods, may be allowed to continue to practice nursing within carefully defined parameters.

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