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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  I have been licensed for five (5) years or more and have not taken all parts of the National Board examinations.  Will I be required to go back and take these parts?

A:  All applicants are required to pass the National Board Examination Parts which were in effect at the time of graduation from chiropractic college. Please see Rule 100 regarding endorsement applicants.

Q: May I apply for a temporary permit while waiting to take and receive the results from the National Board Examinations?

A:  If you have graduated from Chiropractic College, you may apply for one temporary permit that will be valid for no longer than a 12-month period.  No work permit will be issued to an applicant who has previously failed an examination for licensure in this or any other state, territory, possession, or country more than once. You must take the next available examination and have an approved State of Idaho licensed Chiropractic Physician supervise you.

Q: What is the timeline to receive my license once my application is submitted?

A:  Once all required documentation has been received, applications are reviewed for compliance with law and rule.  If compliance is confirmed, a license will be issued, generally within 7-10 business days.

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