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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Who is required to be licensed?
A: Any person who practices massage therapy for compensation or holds himself or herself out to others as a massage therapist is required to obtain a license.

Q: Are there any special requirements for applicants who apply by endorsement?
A: Please see Rule 310 Requirements for Licensure by Endorsement. California applicants do not qualify for endorsement and should apply by examination.

Q: What qualifies as “clinical work” in an educational program?
A: Any supervised, hands-on training in a classroom setting including student clinic.

Q: Are students in a massage therapy training program allowed to accept tips for providing a massage?
A: No. Please see Idaho Code 54-4005(1) and Idaho Code 54-4002(3).


Q: May massage therapists practice therapeutic exercise?
A: According to Idaho Code 54-4004.3, massage therapists shall not perform therapeutic exercise.

Q: Are there any specialty qualifications or certifications for licensed massage therapists in Idaho?
A: The Board does not currently recognize any specialty certifications.


Q: What are the requirements regarding massage programs?
A: Schools must meet the minimum Educational Program Standards, please see Rule 600.

Q: If I am thinking about attending Massage Therapy School, how do I know that my school’s training meets the licensure requirements?
A. The Idaho State Board of Education (ISBE) regulates schools, and a list of proprietary schools can be found on the ISBE website. When deciding on a school, be sure the curriculum your school offers meets the requirements of Rule 600.

Q: If a school or student is interested in clinical fieldwork to help further a student’s hands on experience, are there requirements to be aware of?
A. Yes. Please see, Rule 600.

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