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Summary of 2023 Rule Changes Relevant to Outfitters

101.04 License Expired and Reinstatement

  • If a license expires and is not reinstated within 6 months, the operating area and activities may become an available opportunity for others.
  1. Guide License Application Requirements
  • For outfitters, you should be aware of the many training requirement changes for the guide’s license and that guides will be responsible for their own license once the new Licensing System is implemented in Mid-2024.
  • For a full list of guide licensure changes please see the guides license webpage.

103.03 Validity

  • A Guide’s license will be valid only while employed by an outfitter.
  1. License Production
  • When engaged in licensed activities, a guide will need to produce a copy of their license and provide proof of an employing outfitter.
  1. Boat Transport of Hunting Clients
  • Unless licensed or in an agreement with a licensed outfitter, a boatman licensee must not transport big game hunters to any hunting area.

203.05 Controlled Hunts Outside Operating Area

  • Changed language for written permission from all outfitters licensed for the same species in the hunt area requested.
  1. River, Lake, and Reservoir Power and Float Outfitter Limits
  • BL1, updated language and description.
  • BO2, increased from 2 to 4 outfitters with a maximum of two (2) outfitters who may be licensed for fishing in addition to float boating.
  • SH2, updated description.
  • SS1, updated description.
  • SN2, updated language and description.
  • SN3, updated language and description.

Know your land managers

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Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG)
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U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
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