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Tag Designation

  • All allocated tags must be purchased at an IDFG regional office.  You will need to complete the outfitter certification form and pay a $5.00 fee to IDFG for each allocated tag. Non-allocated tags must also be reported to an IDFG regional office by December 20th of each year for any tags outside your designation of allocated tags that you wish to report on. Use Verification is $20 per tag you report.

Outfitter Tag Use Reporting Form

Hunt Calculations:

Tag Designation Forms:

Important Dates:

  • July 3rd Controlled hunt tags will be made available for outfitters at IDFG offices.
  • July 17th Deadline to purchase and report use of general tags with IDFG.
  • July 31st Deadline to purchase and report use of general tags from the waiting list.
  • September 11th Deadline to purchase and report us of controlled hunt tags with IDFG.
  • December 20th Deadline to report use of non-allocated tags.

Current Designation Schedule:

  • August/September Limited Tag Allocation Designation for the 2024 Season
  • Capped and Controlled Hunt Tags are set for the 2023 & 2024 Seasons (Subject to change if allocation changes at the discretion of the Idaho Fish and Game Commission).

For all tag designation requests and questions please email

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