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Guideline 1: Cancellation or Withdrawal of Listings

Guideline 2: Brokering Idaho Property Requires an Idaho Real Estate License

Guideline 3: Regular Employee Status Determination

Guideline 4: Agency Disclosure Brochure (“The Blue Brochure”) Record Keeping Requirements

Guideline 5: Disclosure of Transaction Fees – When Required

Guideline 6: Offering Guarantees

Guideline 7: Guidelines for “Suspended” Licensees

Guideline 8: Off-MLS and Coming Soon Listings

Guideline 9: Terms Under Which Rental or Lease Fees May Be Split with Nonlicensed Persons

Guideline 10: Splitting Fees with Unlicensed Persons Prohibited – Finder’s Fees, Donating to Charities

Guideline 11: Failure to Account for Money and Property of Others

Guideline 13: Advertising

Guideline 14: Disputed Earnest Money

Guideline 15: Establishing Real Estate Trust Accounts

Guideline 16: Presentation of Multiple Offers by the Listing Agent

Guideline 17: Use of Unlicensed Assistants and Office Staff

Guideline 18: Dealer in Options

Guideline 20: Joint Guideline on Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)

Guideline 22: Auctioneers of Real Estate

Guideline 23: Mandatory Duty of the Brokerage “To Be Available” to Receive and Present All Written Offers and Counteroffers

Guideline 24: Licensee’s Personal Transactions to be Conducted Through the Broker with Whom He is Licensed

Guideline 25: Short Sale Guidance

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