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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I update my address of record:

A: Applicants must determine if their scope of work meets the legal definition of Electrical work as outlined in Title 54, Chapter 50 of Idaho Code.

Q: How can I determine if I need to be licensed?

A: See the License Application and Renewal page for information about electrical. You may also contact the DOPL office to speak with a specialist in licensing policies and processes.

Q: Where can I download licensing forms and applications?

A: Applications and forms can be located on our License Application and Renewal page.

Q: What happens if I choose to work unlicensed?

A: Any Electrical work performed without a required state-issued license or registration, or who violates other applicable codes or rules, are subject to civil penalties.

Hours worked without being registered as an apprentice will not count towards the required OJT time.

Q: Does Idaho have a Reciprocal Licensing agreement:

A: Yes. The states that Idaho has an agreement with are listed in the Reciprocal Information document.

Q: What is a permit?

A: A permit grants the holder authorization to perform specific construction and/or installation work. Permits are assigned a unique document number which is required when requesting inspections and approval of the work.

Q: How do I apply for a permit online?

A: This document explains the steps to take when applying for a permit.

Q: What to do when you purchase your permit?

A: When you have applied for your permit and paid the required fee, work can begin.

When you are ready for an inspection you must call our inspection line (1-800-839-9239) or visit our  eTRAKiT Permit and Inspection web site to schedule your inspection. If your inspection has passed its final, your job is considered complete.

If the inspector notes deficiencies during the inspection that cannot be fixed immediately, corrections must be made. You must call the inspection line or visit our Web site to schedule a re-inspection. *

*Any outstanding inspection fees must be paid prior to scheduling a re-inspection. A re-inspection fee of $65.00 may be charged on Electrical permits. 

Q: Who should apply for electrical permits in Idaho?

A: Contractors AND Homeowners performing electrical work.

Q: When should a homeowner purchase a permit?

A: A homeowner may purchase a permit only when they are doing electrical work on their primary and secondary residence and related outbuildings. Homeowner permits are not valid for work on commercial buildings. Click here to purchase a permit online or click here to print an application you can mail or fax.

Q: When is a permit required?

A: A permit is required when any electrical, plumbing or HVAC work is performed.

Q:  Why are you required to permit your work with the Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses?

A: The purpose of the permit system is to ensure compliance with proper installation and safety standards. The Idaho Legislature authorized a permit fee structure to cover the costs of inspections and administration.

Q: When should a homeowner purchase a permit?

A: Homeowners may purchase a permit only when they themselves are doing electrical work on their primary or secondary residence and/or related outbuildings. Homeowner permits are not valid for work on commercial buildings. To purchase an online permit, you will need to register and establish an account (free) in order to access the online permitting application.

Q: How do I purchase a permit?

A: The Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses offers online permits to licensed Electrical contractors as well as homeowners performing work on their primary or secondary residences. Register and establish a free account and purchase your permit online. If you need assistance registering or processing your permit, please contact one of our team members at 208-334-3233.

Q: How much will a permit cost?

A: Fees are based on the value of the work performed.

Q: Does a permit ever expire?

A:  Every permit issued shall expire and become null and void after three hundred sixty-five (365) days from the purchase date. A permit may be renewed for an additional year upon receipt of the Division approval and payment of a sixty-five-dollar ($65) renewal fee.

Q: If I have a building permit from the city or county, do I still need a permit (or permits) from DOPL?

A: Even though you have a building permit issued by a local jurisdiction, it may still be necessary for you to obtain permits from DOPL for electrical work. Because the legislature has authorized several cities and counties to assume jurisdiction within their boundaries, permit requirements vary widely throughout the state. Please refer to this chart showing jurisdiction based on geographical location. If you still have questions after reviewing the chart, please call our office at 208-334-3233.

Q: What is NOC, NOV, and Enforcement Permits?

Notice of Correction (NOC):
A formal notice of items that need to be corrected that were identified by an inspector.

Notice of Violation (NOV):
A formal notice of at least one specific area of non-compliance with the Idaho Statutes & Rules as administered by the Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses (DOPL).

Enforcement Permit:
An Enforcement Permit is issued only by a state inspector and only in cases where a contractor or homeowner has failed to purchase a required permit for work already completed. Fees charged for an Enforcement Permit are double the original amount due to the failure to permit.

Q: What is an Installation Tag? 

A: An installation tag is used to maintain a registry of new manufactured home installations in the State of Idaho.

Q: What is a Job Identification Sticker?

A: A Job Identification Sticker is an orange sticker used to identify the job site. It must be filled out and posted in a prominently visible location on the job site where the permitted work is being performed.

Q: How do I get a Job Identification Sticker?

A: There are several ways you can receive a Job Identification Sticker:

  • Homeowners and Contractors who obtain permits at DOPL offices will be given one Job Identification Sticker for each purchased permit. Those who apply for permits by fax or e-mail will have a sticker mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to them with their permit.
  • If you purchase your permit through the online system, you must print a copy of the Job Identification Sticker and display it at the job site. A DOPL inspector will replace it with an orange Job Identification Sticker at the time of their first visit.

Q: Are there other stickers required at the job site?

A: Yes. Other stickers will be used by inspectors to notify permit holders of inspection results. Those stickers and their colors are as follows:

  • Correction Sticker (yellow): A formal notice of items that need to be corrected that were identified by an inspector.
  • Approved for Cover (green): This means the work has been approved and may be covered.
  • Final Inspection Sticker (white): Indicates permitted work listed has been inspected and approved.
  • Final Inspection Sticker (silver): A final inspection sticker for outside locations.

Q: Does the State have any amendments to the building code, residential code, or energy code?

A: Yes. See section 004 of the 07.03.01 – RULES OF BUILDING SAFETY.

Q: Who do I contact with questions about code requirements?

A: If you have code questions you may call our office at 1-800-955-3044. You will be directed either to one of our code specialists or to the inspector in your area who can answer your questions. You may also contact your inspectors directly (see below).

BCRE Bureau Chief
Amy Lorenzo

BCRE Trade Program Director
Justin Touchstone

BCRE Investigations Program Manager
MiChell Bird

Electrical Program Manager
Steve Greene

Elevator Program Manager
Gary Barnes

HVAC & Plumbing Program Manager
John Nielsen

Building/Industrial Safety Program Manager
Sam Zahorka

Q: How can I request an inspection?

A: You can call the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone line at 208-334-3950 and follow the instructions provided. You will need your permit number and Inspection Code for the IVR.

You may also visit eTRAKiT and log in. Select “permits” to search for your permit and enter your permit number. Double-click on the number when it displays. Under actions (on the left), choose Request Inspection. Fill in the required information, choose your inspection type and the date; click on Add inspection then click Submit. Verify the inspection and click OK. Requests for a next day inspection can be made until 7 p.m. MST. There may be circumstances under which your inspection will not be completed on the date requested. Should this occur, you will be notified by telephone.

Q: How can I cancel an inspection?

A: You can call 208-334-3950 and follow the automated instructions provided. You may also visit eTRAKiT, click on “Online Permitting”, log in, and choose cancel inspections. Please note that requests must be made prior to 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time.

Q: How can I change my inspection date?

A: DOPL customer inspection dates can be changed by calling 208-334-3950 prior to the day of the inspection. If it’s the day of the inspection, please contact your inspector. You can find your local inspector here.

Q: When should I contact my inspectors?

A: You should contact your inspector any time you have questions or concerns related to a job. A list of inspectors by city is available for your reference. You may also contact the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing 208-334-3950.

Q: How do I find out who my ELEC inspector is?

A: A list of inspectors by city is available for your reference. You may also contact the Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses at 208-334-3950.

Q: How do I determine which jurisdiction an ELEC job is in?

A: A list of inspectors by city is available for your reference. You may also contact the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing at 208-334-3950.

Q: Do I have to be present during my inspection?

A: Only if the property is occupied.

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