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Geology is a profession, and the privilege of professional practice requires morality and responsibility, as well as professional knowledge, on the part of each practitioner. Each registered professional geologist shall be guided by the highest standards of business ethics, personal honor and professional conduct.

With regard for the geologic profession and recognizing in the Code of Ethics a set of dynamic principles to guide their services to others, and with full knowledge of the responsibility of geologists to safeguard health, safety, and public welfare, a registered geologist:

  1. Brings credit, honor and dignity to the geologic profession in his dealings with clients, other geologists, and the public.
  2. Acts for others as a faithful agent or trustee and accepts remuneration only in accordance with his stated charges for services rendered.
  3. Exchanges non-confidential geologic information with other geologists, students, and the public; encourages the public understanding of geology, and ensures proper credit for geologic work.
  4. Does not reveal nor seek the revelation of geologic work performed for a paying client.
  5. Does not advertise or solicit geologic work assignments in a fraudulent, misleading or deceptive manner.
  6. Promptly reports to the Board unethical conduct on the part of any geologist.
  7. Undertakes professional service or renders expert opinion only when qualified in the specific technical areas involved.
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