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Summary of 2023 Rule Changes Relevant to Guides

  1. Guide Licensure
  • Guides will be responsible for their own licenses. This will be implemented with the new DOPL Licensing System in Mid-2024. At this time, the renewal process will proceed the same as last year except that the updated training requirements outlined in the new Rules are in effect.

103.02 Activity-Specific Qualifications

  • These will include updated training requirements.

a. Hunting.

  • Has specified training for both the activity and the outfitter’s operating area.

d. Float or Power Boating on Unclassified Water.

  • Changed to at least one (1) complete commercial float or power boat trip on each of the river sections or lakes applied for.

e. ATV-UTV-Snowmobiling

  • Now includes at least ten (10) days of experience in the outfitter’s operating area.

f. Snow-Based Non-Motorized Travel in Avalanche Terrain

  • Added language to clarify what is required.

g. Rock Climbing/Mountaineering

  • Specified requirements were added to eliminate the need for an appearance before the Board.

h. Equestrian Activities

  • Newly added subsection.

103.03 Validity

  • A Guide’s license will only be valid in the service of a licensed outfitter.
  • Guide licenses will be renewed on a biannual basis—this will not begin until mid-2024 at the earliest.
  1. License Production
  • When engaged in licensed activities, licensees must provide proof of licensure and provide proof of the guide’s employing outfitter, upon request.
  1. Boat Transport of Hunting Clients
  • Unless licensed or in an agreement with a licensed outfitter, a boatman licensee must not transport big game hunters to any hunting area.


Training Information and First Aid – More information coming soon.

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