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Existing Outfitters Purchasing or Selling a Business

(If you need to amend only the outfitter license, please click on the Amendment tab)

1. Land Managers Statement (OG-6) – (Public Lands)

  1. Sale Agreement
  2. Written Area Description
  3. Map(s) – Location
    1. Operating Area Boundary


2. Private Landowners Statement (OG-10) (Private Lands)

  1. Lease Agreement
  2. Written Area Description
  3. Map(s) – Location
    1. Operating Area Boundary


3. Letter of Intent form (OG-21)

Item 4 or 5, whichever is applicable:

4. Outfitter Sole Proprietor Application (OG-1) (Notarized)

5. Outfitter Business Entity Application (OG-2) (Notarized)

6. Designated Agent Application (OG-3) (Notarized) *Not required if you are a Sole Proprietor

7. Document Release Authorization (OG-14)

8. Operating Plan (OG-7)

9. Financial Statement (OG-8)

  1. Corporate Documents (business entity)(Secretary of State)
  2. Ownership Breakdown (business entity)

Item 10 or 11, or both:

10. Operating Plan – Boating Supplemental (OG-7.1)

11. Operating Plan – Land Supplemental (OG-7.1)

      Other documents that may be required:

  • Idaho Secretary of State DBA filing (if you intend to use one)
  • Foreign Entity Filing with the Idaho Secretary of State for Out of State Outfitters

You will receive notification from the Board when you need to submit the following:

12. Performance Bond (OG-12) and

13. Liability Insurance/Vehicle Liability Insurance

14. If applicable – Disclosure Statement Regarding Criminal Conviction

Once the application is complete, the Fish and Game will be notified for consumptive activities.

For Guide License Only (If Outfitter/DA will not be guiding)

1. Training Log (OG-11) (River Guide License Only)

2. Certified Hunting Guide Training Form (OG-15) (Hunters)

3. Certified Snowmobile Guide Training Form (OG-16)

4. 500 Mile Log for River Guide (OG-18)

Sellers Only (If you are only selling part of your business, please click on the amendment tab)

  • Use Reports
  • Verify Idaho Fish and Game Units
  • Allocated Tags associated with the sale of business

You  will receive notification when you need to submit the following:

Relinquishment Form (Notarized, seller only)

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