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Phase 1 of DOPL’s New Licensing system is now Online

DOPL is pleased to announce the implementation of phase 1 of the new licensing system. This new system went live at 8:00 am MDT on July 1, 2024. We are excited about the new features of this system that will provide an improved customer experience. Most customers will use this new system. However, with our phased approach to implementing the new system, there are a few customers that will continue to use their existing licensing system until November 4, 2024. A list of the Boards that will not cutover to the new system until November 4, 2024, is listed in the dropdown section in the bottom of this page.

New Licensing System HOW TO…..

If your Board is converting to the new license system and your license, registration, or certification renewal is due in July 2024, below are documents providing step-by-step instructions on how to create an online profile, associate your license or registration to your online profile, and complete the renewal of your license online. 

How to Complete a Renewal

Getting Started with DOPL Online Services: 

  1. Create an online profile.
  2. Access your existing license or registration.
  3. Verify your contact information:
    • Phone Numbers
    • Email Address
    • Addresses 

Contact DOPL if there’s any problems with your license or registration: 

  • Submit and complete applications for licenses, registrations, certifications, and permits.  
  • View your license or registration. 
  • Print your license, registration, certification, or permit from home. 
  • Receive immediate communication from DOPL on upcoming renewals or missing information needed to complete your application or renewal.  
  • Upload documents needed for your application or renewal.  
  • Make payments for applications, renewals or outstanding balances due quickly.  
  • Update your contact information: phone, mailing address, email, and name. 
  • Submit continuing education information. 

Licenses, registrations and certificates in the new licensing system will have the following statuses in DOPL’s Online Services: 

  • Active – License is in a valid status where licensee can operate legally. This may have specific endorsements or restrictions that expand or limit the scope, but the license is active. 
  • Inactive – Licensee has chosen to make their license inactive. 
  • Lapsed – The renewal window has passed and the license is out of compliance. It will remain lapsed for a set amount of time determined by board until it is fully Expired, until that time the licensees have certain options for late renewal or reinstatement depending on the board. 
  • Expired – The license has moved beyond the Lapse period and is fully expired, moving the licensee outside of the scope of reinstatement and a new application is required for future licensure.  
  • Suspended – Currently holds a license with the Division, but it is suspended. 
  • Revoked – The license has been fully revoked by board, division, or other process. 
  • Retired – Licensee has chosen to move their license to the retired status, this diminishes the work that can be performed via statute but may allow access as a valid license holder to certain national organizations and programs. 
  • Pending – Application is in processing and the status of the license account within OASIS will remain pending until complete.  
  • Probation – License is active but operates in a limited capacity outlined by statute.  
  • Cancelled – Either at request by the licensee or license authority, the license was cancelled.  

Boards NOT moving to the new licensing system on July 1, 2024. The second stage will occur on November 4, 2024, for the following Boards:

          Building Code                        Damage Prevention

          Electrical                                 Elevator Program

          Factory Built Structures       HVAC

          Industrial Safety                    Logging Safety

          Plumbing                               Public Works Contractors

          Outfitters and Guides

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