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Public Records Request

Under Idaho Code 74-102, you have the opportunity to review public documents.

NOTE: Complaints and investigations are exempt from disclosure under Idaho Code 74-106(9) and 74-113(3)(a), and the public records process cannot be used for discovery in legal matters.

Licensing Information:

Looking to verify a provider’s license is currently active?

License verification can be found by clicking the blue button below.

Have questions about disciplinary actions for a licensee or provider?

Information DOPL can provide can be found by clicking the blue button below.

Looking to obtain a list of providers or licensees?

Most lists can be obtained through the blue licensee search button below.

Personal Licensure Records Requests

To request a copy of YOUR application, or documents submitted with YOUR application file, please use the following form:

Licensure File Records Request Form

Media Queries

For media queries, please contact DOPL’s Public Information Officer at

Public Records Requests

All public records requests must be in writing and should be as specific as possible.

To submit a request for records, please use the Public Records Request form.

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