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All CE and prelicense courses must be certified and offered through a certified provider. The Commission’s Education & Certification Policy and Provider Handbook outline the requirements for offering real estate education in Idaho.

There are specific duties that apply to certified providers including the requirement to appoint a provider director. The provider director must take the Commission’s Provider Training within the 24 months immediately preceding the application to become a provider director and within 2 years of renewing provider certification.

Register to attend a provider training HERE.

Once Provider Training has been completed, you may submit a Provider Certification Application.

A separate remote delivery training is required every 2 years if you offer courses through remote delivery.

Please note: The License Law and Rules booklet outlines many detailed requirements for certified providers. Failure to follow these requirements may result in withdrawal of the certification, or denial of course credit to the students

Click here to access the portal to schedule courses, create course rosters, and report student completions.

If you are a certified provider who wants to offer classes through remote delivery (Zoom), you must obtain separate remote delivery approval. A moderator is required, and both the instructor and moderator must complete applicable remote delivery training. Your instructor must also be CDEI certified.

Click HERE to access OnDemand Training for Remote Delivery.

After the instructor and moderator(s) have completed the required training, you may email your completed Provider Remote Delivery Application to  

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