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Q:  I am a licensed master social worker (LMSW) and want to start working toward my clinical license. How do I start?

A:  You must submit a typed or legibly printed “New Clinical Supervision Plan” for Board approval. The plan must be approved before you can begin counting supervised hours. You must have a registered LCSW supervisor for at least 50% of your supervision. Please review Rule 210 for additional requirements.

Q:  How do I track my supervision hours?

A:   A sample log has been developed to help you keep track of your supervision hours. The use of the sample log is optional and it should not be submitted with your application. The Verification of Supervision form submitted by your supervisor is the official record of supervision hours for the purpose of licensure.

Q: How do I become a registered clinical supervisor?

A:  You must have two (2) years of experience as a licensed clinical social worker with no disciplinary action in the previous 5 years prior to the application for registration. You must also document fifteen (15) contact hours of clinical supervisor training as approved by the Board and have completed the Clinical Supervisor Registration Form for Board approval. Review Rule 211.

Q:  Does the advanced supervision training have to be an in-person seminar/training or can it be taken through an online course?

A:  It can be in person, online, or a webinar.

Q:  How can I verify that the course I am interested in taking is approved by the Board? 

A:   The Board does not preapprove courses. If the course is an advanced supervision training that provides instruction on supervision topics beyond those covered in basic supervision training, the Board will take it into consideration. Advanced training may focus on special topics or emerging and innovative methods in clinical supervision.

Q:  I am having difficulty finding a course in advanced supervision. Can you give me some ideas of where I can locate this course?

A:  You can check with the colleges/universities and associations such as NASW and AMFTRB.

Q:  If I am unable to take an advanced supervision course by the time my registration renewal is due, can I resume my supervisor role after I take the required course and submit proof of completion?

A:  Yes, but you must discontinue supervising until you have met the requirements and have been notified that you are recertified.

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