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Apply for or Renew a License

All application materials must be transmitted electronically or via email. Current license verifications must be available in the applicant’s NCEES account. All transcripts should be submitted to NCEES for validation and storage in the applicant’s NCEES account.

All Applications

An NCEES Record is a verified compilation of information (including transcripts, exam and license verifications, references and a detailed work history) an applicant is required to submit to a state licensing board as part of the licensure application process. … The NCEES Record is accepted by all U.S. state licensing boards.

Application Information and Forms

All P.E. and P.L.S. applicants will need a copy of the “Current Laws and Rules Pertaining to the Practice of the Professions of Engineering and Land Surveying” with each of the applications. You may print it from the link (it is approximately 60 pages). Enter the Application Wizard at the top of this page and, if you have an NCEES record, be sure to so indicate that.

If you were not originally licensed in another jurisdiction of the United States, or originally licensed in a licensing system currently considered equivalent by the Board, you must take and pass both NCEES examinations (FE and PE or FS and PS), meet the educational requirements, meet the experience requirements and provide your Social Security Number (SSN) on the application. 

If your engineering degree is not accredited by EAC/ABET then you may need a third-party evaluation of your academic credentials. Our Board accepts evaluations from the NCEES Credentials Evaluation Service

If you took an exam in another U.S. jurisdiction that is required for your Idaho application (all comity applicants and PE or PLS examination candidates who took their EIT/LSIT or FE/FS in another jurisdiction) please click Signup for an account and request verifications be sent to the Idaho Board – or simply fill-out the verification request forms in the packet and mail to the other Board.

If you were originally licensed in a Canadian Province, please have that Province verify your license and discipline status directly to the Idaho Board. If you were originally licensed as a the United Kingdom, please email the Engineers Council at and have your credential independently validated to the Idaho Board by the Engineering Council.

Renewal Information

To update your contact information please select the applicable link:

Renewal notices are emailed to the email address on file approx. 5-6 weeks prior to the expiration date of the license or certificate (see your pocket card or Searches for Licensees). Contact information and individual expiration dates can be confirmed on our website under the bullet Searches for Licensees. Personal License Renewal forms have a pocket card upper portion that you can print in the email receipt from Access Idaho. No other receipt is provided.

You can verify we received the renewal (COA or Personal License/Certificate) by your receipt that is emailed to you upon renewal or on our website (updated expiration date). COA renewals are similarly done online. You can also verify we received the renewal payment online looking for the updated expiration date or by the emailed receipt from Access Idaho.

If you have not received your renewal notice by the 15th of the month in which your license/certificate expires, please use the online renewal facility to renew your license and update your contact information.

If you wish to claim a Military Exemption from paying renewal fees, you must still complete the online renewal, selecting the Military Exemption check box and email a copy of your military ID card or current orders to

Retired License Renewals – No renewals fees are charged, however in order to remain on our mailing list, you must complete the biennial renewal online.

If you don’t know your company’s COA number, you can search for it at Searches for Licensees and enter the company name in the last name field.

If you do not wish to renew your license or certificate, please email If you have a COA there is an option now to ‘discontinue’ your certificate. The benefit to ‘discontinuing’ the COA is that if you need to again practice in Idaho, you will only pay a new application fee (currently $200) vs. paying a renewal fee and late fees which can accumulate to a maximum of $500. There is no such option for a license. Renewal of an EI or SI certificate is purely optional – no late fees accrue.

As of 7-1-2013, all late license renewals must be accompanied with the licensee’s continuing professional development (CPD) log . For more information, see Continuing Professional Development. No longer will all license renewals be required to submit a log. If the renewal is more than 3 months late, attendance documents must be submitted in addition to the log.

If you have questions, please contact contact or (208) 373-7210.

Application TypeFee/Cost
Licensure w/o NCEES Record$100
Licensure with NCEES Record$80
Business Entity Authorization Cert.$200
Comity w/o NCEES Record$150
Comity with NCEES Record$125
Faculty Restricted License$100
Intern CertificateNo fee


Renewal TypeFee/Cost
Engineers and Land Surveyors (Biennial)$150
Dual License PE/PLS (Biennial)$300
Business Entity Authorization Cert.$120
Intern (Biennial)$20
Retired LicenseNo Fee (must verify contact information at time of renewal)
Late Renewal TypeFee/Cost
Engineers and Land Surveyors$75 Per Month (Late fees not to exceed total of $350)
Dual License PE/PLS$150 Per Month (Late fees not to exceed total of $200)
Business Entity Authorized Cert.$60 Per Month (Late fees not to exceed total of $380)
InternNo Fees (renewal is voluntary)
Retried LicenseNo Fees (Reinstate Retired License email
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