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Public Works Contractors Licenses


Any contractor or subcontractor who wishes to construct, repair or reconstruct any project that involves public funding of contracts/purchase orders with the State of Idaho or any other political subdivision of the state authorized to let or award contracts for public work if the estimated cost of the entire project is $50,000 or more. Upgrades are required to submit the Contractor Application form.

Construction Managers:

The State of Idaho requires that construction managers (CM’s) be licensed in order to assure the public that CM’s have the level of education and experience required for successful management of public construction projects. A license is required for any individual who wishes to act as a construction manager in public works construction or offers to perform construction management services on any project where the estimated cost of the entire project is $10,000 or more and where the project involves public funding from the State of Idaho or any other political subdivision of the state that is authorized to let or award contracts for any public work.

Contractors Licensing

To determine the appropriate license class, please review the table below:

Financial Guidelines


Bid Limit

Net Worth

Working Capital






























No Bid Limit



Constructions Managers Licensing

General Forms

Important Bidders Registration Information

Important News! ITD has taken the big plunge by purchasing on-line contracting database services from B2GNow, a well-known online provider used by many state DOTs.

This means all ITD contractors, consultants, suppliers and services providers will be required to register on-line as a vendor on the new system at

Here are the advantages:

  • You do it once, and aside from any updates for contact information, you won’t be required to do it again – no more annual Bidder’s Registration Updates.
  • If you’re already registered as a vendor in other states using B2GNow (such as Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Colorado), you’re almost there – either log in at (if you know for certain, and can remember your password) or look up your account (if you’re not certain). Then you can complete the process.

If you’re definitely not in the system, just create yourself a new account. You’ll need to have your Tax ID Number ready for this part.

The new Bidders List can be generated on-demand, with all kinds of search parameters to choose from. And the information will be used to populate everything from contracting data to the core beginnings of a DBE certification application.

Our system includes a section for “Help/First Time Visitors”, training tutorials, plus there’s always B2GNow Customer Support at

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