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Apply for or Renew a License

If you have not met the Continuing Education Requirements, do not submit a Renewal indicating otherwise. Submitting a fraudulent application for licensure is grounds for discipline against your license.


Please complete your renewal application and payment of fees through the ONLINE renewal system. There are no additional fees for this service. Documents, if required, may be uploaded when you renew.  If you have questions, please contact or 208-577-2535.

For your license to remain valid, it must be renewed before the expiration date each year. You cannot practice on an expired license.

Active members of the military may be eligible for a waiver of renewal fees and other renewal requirements; see Idaho Code 67-2602A.  

Please note: If you fail to renew your license before its expiration date a reinstatement fee will be required by Idaho Code 67-2614 and cannot be waived. In addition, you may be required to submit continuing education or other required documentation prior to the reinstatement of your license. Licenses that have not been renewed after 5 years will be terminated and a new application and fees will need to be submitted for Board review.

Application Type

Fees/ Cost

Examination Application (includes application & license fee)


Reciprocity Application (includes application & license fee)


Appraiser Trainee Application (includes application & license fee)


Temporary Permit


AMC Application


Federally Regulated AMC Application


Fingerprints/Background (Per Background)



$10 (per duplicate)


Renewal Type

Fees/ Cost

Individual License Renewal (includes $25 ASC Fee)


AMC (include $25 ASC Fee)


Federally Regulated AMC (Includes $25 ASC Fee)


Late Renewal (in addition to renewal Fee)


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