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If you have any problems, questions, or complaints about service or representations made by real estate licensees, please contact our office

The Idaho Real Estate Commission enforces the Idaho real estate license law (regulation of Idaho brokers and sales associates).  The Commission has no jurisdiction over ethics violations or civil matters such as contract, commission, or earnest money disputes. 

For more information on these topics, contact: 

The State of Idaho does not regulate property managers, homeowner’s associations, or home inspectors.

Idaho License Law & Rules (Idaho Code 54-2001et seq. and IDAPA 24.30.01)
Idaho Property Condition Disclosure Act (Idaho Code 55-2501, et seq.)

Subdivided Lands Registration

The Idaho Real Estate Commission administers the Subdivided Lands Registration Act, found on the application page of the website, which requires registration of time shares and some subdivision projects for those who market to Idaho residents. Please contact our office if you have any questions about this law. Forms are available on the application page of the website.

IREC participates in the ARELLO Timeshare Registry (ATR), which has been adopted by nearly 50% of the U.S. jurisdictions that require timeshare developers to register their projects.  Idaho offers a discounted fee for registrants who use the ATR.

Short Sale & Foreclosure Information

Some short sale and foreclosure practices are legal, and others are not.  If you have any questions, contact one of the following agencies for assistance:

Read the Attorney General’s office guidance to consumers about short sales and foreclosures.

The Federal Trade Commission also offers advice to consumers about foreclosures and short sales.  Visit their website to learn more about foreclosure rescue scams.

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Timeshare Registrations

The following information can be found on the Application page of the website.

  • Subdivided Lands Registration Application
  • Subdivided Lands Registration Renewal
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