The current continuing education, pre-licensure, and supervision requirements are below: (note that any reference to USPAP means the National USPAP Course provided by Appraisal Qualifications Board Certified USPAP Instructors and Educational Providers).

For current CE requirements, please see CONTINUING EDUCATION RULE 401

For pre-licensure education requirements for trainees, see Rule 275.01.a

For supervision requirements, see Rule 276.01

Below is a list of courses and/or instructors approved by the Board for CE, pre-licensure and supervision. Scroll to the right to the “relevancy” column to see what type of approval the course has. This list is not an exhaustive list. CE, supervision, and pre-licensure education is also accepted by the Board if it is approved by any state with reciprocity with Idaho. If you are planning to take a course and do not see it listed, you might approach the presenter and ask if he has sought or is willing to pursue pre-approval. Pre-approval eliminates any question of the course being acceptable for your pre-licensure, supervision, or continuing education requirement.

Board Approved Providers & Courses


Providers wishing to have courses and/or instructors approved by the Board must submit FOR EACH COURSE a detailed Continuing Education Provider Application AND the requested documentation AND identify whether your course offering is for pre-licensure education, continuing education, or both.

You may e-mail any questions concerning the continuing education requirements to the Board at


The Board conducts annual audits to ensure compliance with the continuing education requirements.  Audits may be initiated anytime after you renew your license.  By submitting your renewal, and answering “Yes” to the question that you have met the continuing education requirements, you are certifying to the Board that you have already obtained proof of having completed the required continuing education. 

If you are audited, you must submit a listing of all continuing education courses completed during the previous year AND proof of attendance documentation for each course. 

Failure to submit the required documentation may result in the Board taking action against your license.