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Renew your Idaho Professional License

Renew your Idaho Professional License online by finding the professional license you want to renew in the list below and select the corresponding renewal link.

Building, Construction & Real Estate Licenses

ProfessionRenewal URL
Architectural ExaminersRenew Online
Building CodeLicensing & Continuing Education Information
Contractors BoardRenew Online
Damage PreventionLicensing & Continuing Education Information
Drinking Water & Wastewater ProfessionalsRenew Online
Electrical BoardLicensing & Continuing Education Information
Factory Built Structures BoardLicensing & Continuing Education Information
HVAC BoardLicensing & Continuing Education Information
Landscape ArchitectsRenew Online
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety BoardRenew Online
Plumbing BoardLicensing & Continuing Education Information
Professional Engineers & Land SurveyorsIPELS Renewal Information
Professional GeologistsRenew Online
Public Works Contractors License BoardLicensing & Continuing Education Information
Real Estate Appraiser BoardRenew Online
Real Estate CommissionRenew Online

Occupational Licenses

ProfessionRenewal URL
AccountancyLicensee Renewal
Renew your Firm Registration
More Online Services
AcupunctureRenew Online
Athletic CommissionRenew Online
Barber and CosmetologyRenew Online
ChiropracticRenew Online
Driving BusinessRenew Online
Genetic CounselorsRenew Online
Massage TherapyRenew Online
MidwiferyRenew Online
MorticiansRenew Online
Nursing Home AdministratorsRenew Online
Outfitters & GuidesRenew Online
Use Report Tool - Online
Professional Counselors and Marriage & Family TherapistsRenew Online
Residential Care Facility AdministratorsRenew Online
Shorthand ReportersRenew Online
Social Work ExaminersRenew Online

Healthcare Licenses

ProfessionRenewal URL
Athletic TrainersRenew Online
DentistryRenew Online
DenturitryRenew Online
DietitiansRenew Online
MedicineRenew Online
NaturopathicRenew Online
NursingRenew Online
Occupational TherapyRenew Online
OptometryRenew Online
PharmacyMyLicense Login
Physical TherapyRenew Online
PodiatryRenew Online
Psychologist ExaminersRenew Online
Respiratory TherapyRenew Online
Speech, Hearing, Communication ServicesRenew Online
VeterinaryRenew Online
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